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7 things only sisters will understand
There's no better friend than a sister. - photo by McKenna Park
Theres no one who can love you, annoy you and be your best friend all at the same like a sister can. From old memories of your mom dressing you in matching frilly outfits to recent ones of your crazy adventures together, you couldnt imagine your life without her. Theres a special bond that only sisters have, and only people who have that bond can relate to these seven things:

1. You dont have just one closet (and neither does she)

For better or for worse, sisters are clothing stealers. It is fun to enjoy the benefits of twice the outfits to choose from (that is, if you can get away with). While you rummage through her closet, she might just be searching through yours at the same time.

2. No friendship compares to "sistership"

Best friends are great, but theres just something unique and irreplaceable about that friendship that happens between sisters. Maybe it's something about being being forced to be friends by birth, but the bond the two of you have is strong and awesome.

3. Some of your weirdest moments have been around her

When youre around your sister, you can really let go. You crank up the music and belt out the song lyrics in weird voices, you dance crazily around the bedroom and just act goofy because you feel the most comfortable around your sisters.

4. Despite your long history of sister brawls, you really love each other

I know two sisters who literally gave each other scars from scratching fights when they were younger, but theyre as close as can be. Sisters, especially those close in age, are prone to arguments and fights but that doesnt change the special loving bond you have for each other (even if you really do have battle wounds).

5. Shes your go-to person for venting

Whether you just broke up with a boyfriend or you are dealing with a frustrating coworker, you can always go to her for a good venting session. Wearing sweats and eating ice cream arent necessary, but are recommended for these sister chats.

6. Something feels like its missing when youre apart

That sisterly bond makes you feel somewhat empty when the two of you are apart. Spending time together is the absolute best when youre not together, you miss her more than anyone (and you cant wait until you can get back together again).

7. When you see each other again its just like old times

Siblings grow up, move out and eventually start their own adult lives. That can mean way too much time spent apart from your sis, but when you see her again after all that time, its as if nothings changed. You may both be grown up, but once you are together, you'll still feel like the little girls who grew up together.

Even if your sister ends up living across the country, youll still stick by each others side just like old times. There is no better friend than a sister, and there's no better sister than your own.
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