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7 must-follow Instagram accounts for when you need a marriage pick-me-up
Scrolling through your Instagram feed isnt all about puppies and beautiful beaches. Follow these grams for inspiration on how to turn your marriage into wedded bliss. - photo by Emily Cummings
Instagram seems to be the place for impressive workout routines, idyllic vacations and really cute puppies. Though you might not look to Instagram to find marriage advice, there are some accounts out there that capture the ins and outs of marriage. Some accounts highlight that butterfly feeling of being newly married, and others note the struggles couples face but still remind us how marriage is worth the hard times.

While some studies show social media hurts your marriage, it isn't going anywhere soon. So why not use Instagram to inspire a better marriage? Accounts that can improve your marriage are out there and are worth following.

The Way We Met

Focused on finding modern day fairytales, this Instagram account is filled with romantic stories of how couples meet. From the classic I-saw-her-from-across-the-room stories to the surprising and unexpected tales, The Way We Met shows how love really is everywhere.

Fierce Marriage

Ryan and Selena Fredrick know "there's no Plan B" when it comes to marriage. With stunning photography and simple straightforward quotes that bring couples closer to Christ, Fierce Marriage is a beautiful way to inspire your married life through Instagram.


Marriage365 focuses on giving advice to married couples through Web seminars, quotes and links to its blog. With the idea that marriage is a daily commitment, this Instagram account gives ideas on how to strengthen a marriage without losing the romance.

Marriage Quotes

From funny to insightful, Marriage Quotes gives the perfect opportunity to you and your partner to spend some time talking about what makes your marriage work. Tag your spouse in a post and make time tonight at dinner to talk about the quote that popped up on your newsfeed.

How He Asked

Everyone adores hearing a good love story. How He Asked makes sure "you cry (happy tears) daily." With gorgeous photos, each couple on this account serves as a beautiful reminder of that one special question that starts the road towards marriage. Youll see loads of happy tears, ecstatic couples and girls with hands over surprised smiles.

Husband Wife 4 Life

Full of cute and insightful quotes, Husband Wife 4 Life is an easy way to remind you what matters in a relationship. These quotes are simple and straightforward but communicate the basics of what makes a strong marriage work.

Pete and Tally

All right, so an Instagram-based article isnt complete without a cute puppy or two. Pete and Tally might be dogs, but their cute pictures remind us all to have a little fun. Happily married and living in Atlanta, this happy "couple" has some pretty impressive date nights and darling pictures together.

Scrolling Instagram shouldnt take the place of date night with your spouse, but it wouldnt hurt to follow some accounts that provide a bit of advice or romantic reminders. Check them out, and submit your own serendipitous meeting or adorable proposal. See if you can inspire another couple or two to see love everywhere.
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