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6 simple ways to tackle tough household chores
After walking into the house from a long day at work, you cant even begin to think about the mess that lies before you. - photo by Megan Marsden Christensen
After walking into the house from a long day at work, you cant even begin to think about the mess that lies before you.

Wrinkled laundry, last nights dinner crusted onto neglected dishes and an overflowing garbage can are just a few of the tedious chores awaiting your attention.

Rather than tackling the mess, you settle in for another night of Netflix in your unmade bed.

I just dont have time is commonly heard from the typical busy adult, but these six chore hacks may change the way you work.

Lemons and a microwave

This chore is easy to put off, but disgusting when you do. Rather than spending hours attempting to scrub off the months-old mac-and-cheese residue, simply cut a lemon in half and put it in a dish with four cups of water. Heat the water in the microwave for five minutes, then take it out and wipe down the microwave and turntable. Dip the towel in the lemon water for stains that are hard to get out. Watch the tutorial here.

Cola and a toilet bowl

Cleaning the toilet can be a pretty dirty job, but pouring a bottle of cola in the bowl should do the trick. Banana TV demonstrates this chore hack on YouTube by first presenting a disgusting toilet bowl and pouring one bottle of Coca Cola which she remind us is cheaper than toilet cleaner into the bowl. Let the soda sit in the bowl for a while and flush it down.

Squeegee and some dog hair

For pet owners, it may seem impossible to remove the large amount of hair shed by your furry family member without getting your carpet professionally cleaned. But a shower squeegee can help you round up the fur and send it straight to the vacuum cleaner. Starting from the corners, rake the fur sitting on the carpet into a pile, and vacuum it right up. See the tutorial here.

Ammonia and a stove top

When a pot boils over onto your stove burners, it may seem as if it is there to rest for eternity, but this quick-and-easy tip looks as if it would save a lot of frustration. To clean them, place a stove burner in a gallon bag and spray ammonia all over it. Then lock the bag shut and leave it overnight. In the morning, the residue should easily wipe away.

Apple cider vinegar and a shower head

It can be pretty disturbing when the very place you are supposed to clean yourself is filled with grime. Ones shower head probably isnt cleaned very often, but this simple trick looks like it works like magic. To clean, fill a Ziplock baggie with apple cider vinegar, and secure it over the shower head with a rubber band. Leave it there overnight, and it should be easy to wipe off in the morning.

Soap and a blender

Blenders take up a large amount of space in the dishwasher, and hand washing them can be a pain, but using them as they were meant to be used can leave them sparkling clean. Just after using your blender, fill it with hot water and a couple drops of dish soap. Then, blend it up for a bit and rinse.
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