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5 totally valid reasons why he hasn't kissed you
Need a snapshot into your mans brain? You can thank me later. - photo by David Snell
So, he hasnt kissed you. If youre anything like my sister, when something is amiss you immediately jump to the worst possible conclusion. Stop doing that. He doesn't hate you, it's not your breath and you can totally marry your second cousin. Here's what's probably up:

1. Hes terrified

There is a rare breed of man that would rather wrestle a porcupine than make a move on a woman. Inside your burly lumberjack may live a gentle lumbersteve.

Lumbersteve cares about what you think. He cares about your personal bubble. He's very defensive of his bubble as well. He's shy. Just holding your hand makes him blush. If it werent for his Fonzie-inspired leather jacket hed be at home right now, safely away from the female population at large. Lumbersteve may need a little encouragement.

2. Hes lip-illiterate

Please dont assume that because were ridiculously good-looking that weve kissed dozens of girls before. You could be his first kiss. If thats the case, he has no idea what hes doing. Next time youre watching a chick flick, you may need to accidentally pause before the kissing scene to give him a frame-by-frame tutorial. Hell appreciate it. Shoot for the basics -- hes not a major leaguer yet. That means no Nicholas Sparks movies (except "A Walk to Remember," obviously. #OurLoveIsLikeTheWind).

3. Hes confused

Not that kind of confused. In general, men know much quicker than women if theyre interested; but thats not always the case. He may not be sure if a relationship is the best route. He may care about you, therefore he may be withholding the kiss until hes ready to commit. If he does commit, the kiss will be that much more meaningful. Theres nothing worse than getting kissed and then ditched (except paper cuts. Paper cuts are the worst).

4. Hes not interested

OK; the worst case scenario could be the real case scenario. If you dont know how to figure out if this is the case, refer to this article.

5. He has mono

Oftentimes referred to as the kissing disease, mononucleosis is transmitted via saliva. Unless that kiss is worth a few months of fatigue and the night sweats, youd better thank him for refraining.
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