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5 things wives do that drive their husbands crazy
Are you aware of what drives your man crazy? Read this list- your husband deserves it! - photo by Gary and Joy Lundberg
Women love their husbandsno doubt about it. And, for the most part, they do wonderful little things that show that love. Still, there are a few things many wives do that dont exactly bode well with their husbands.

For example, some women do 5 of these irritating characteristics. Do you?

1. Talks incessantly

Relentlessly going on about an issue once a point is made is more than a little annoying. Make your point, ladies, and then give the man a chance to think about it and respond on his own time.

It isnt necessary to fill every moment with chatter. Sometimes quiet is a blessing. It can be a time of sweet reflection or, sometimes, just plain nothingness. Nothingness for a man can be a joyful reprieve.

2. Avoids making love

Why avoid this when it can be so enjoyable? If youre not finding pleasure in it as a woman, consider what may be causing your lack of enjoyment. If you can find a way to look forward to and enjoy making love, youll both be happier.

If youre not sure how to do this consider doing what wise couples have done: read the instructions. There are books out there to help you learn what you and your partner need and want.

A good Christian centered book with specifics is The Act of Marriage by Tim and Beverly LeHaye. Or if you prefer, try reading Kosher Sex by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

You can always find a book at the library or stop by and download an investment in your marriage.

3. Throws away his favorite shirt

Stop right there. He knows its old and has stains on it, but he likes it. Its his go-to shirt when he wants to be Mr. Fix It. Hes not going to wear it when you go out to dinner or a party. At least, he better not. Still its his and he needs to be in charge of when it gets tossed.

If it bothers you deep enough, see if you can buy him a new one just like it. Surprise him, and then say, Do you mind if I throw your old one away? If he says, No. I need it for really dirty jobs, let the man and the shirt be.

4. Denies him a hamburger

In her effort to keep her honey healthy she goes a bit overboard. All he wants now and then is a double patty, bacon topped, mayo-slathered cheeseburger. Once in a while is not going to kill him. Let him enjoy it.

A couple of years ago a White House chef reported that most presidents, when their wives were away, would come down to the kitchen and ask him to make them a hamburger. They didnt die from it, they die for it.

Give your man a break, so he doesnt have to do it secretly. Serve him delicious healthy food the rest of the time, and hell be just fine.

5. Nags him about not going to church

Its natural for a wife to want her husband to accompany her and the kids to church. There are some cases, however, when a wife nags about it so incessantly that he wonders if shes getting anything about compassion from the sermons she hears.

What the guy needs is a little understanding.

A lot of women are more spiritually inclined than their husbands. You probably knew his attitude about church when you married him, thinking you could change him. Only one thing will cause change in anybody, and thats understanding and patience.

All a wife needs to do is get ready for church and invite him with a kindly request, such as, Honey, I would like to invite you to go to church with me and the kids today. Will that work for you?

If he says no just give him and kiss and say, Okay. Well see you when we get back. I love you.

This may cause him to think there is something good going on at church that he needs to be in on. Many husbands have gone back to church by a patient wife who simply sets an example by living what she believes.

If you are the wife reading this, think carefully about what annoying things you may be doing that drives your husband a little bit crazy and start making a change.

If you are the husband, take note and see what your part can be to make things better for your wife.

The words of Marin Luther carry a powerful message for married couples: Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.
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