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4 reasons you need to call your spouse sappy nicknames in front of your kids
Don't be embarrassed by calling your spouse a sappy nickname. It is actually doing your family a lot of good! - photo by Megan Shauri
Honey, Dear, Love, Babe, Mi Amor or even made up names are all examples of sappy nicknames you may give your spouse. Whatever yours is for that one special person in your life, make sure you use it in front of your kids. It is actually good for them to hear it, and here is why.

1. It is an example of affection

When you call your spouse by a sappy nickname, it is a sign of affection. The love a mom and dad have for each other should not be kept behind closed doors. Kids need to see and hear their parents love. By kissing, hugging and calling each other silly names, you are giving examples of ways to show affection to one another. It is important for your child to learn this. They need to learn to be open with their feelings and emotions, so one day they can have a healthy relationship with someone.

2. It reassures them you are all right

Whenever your kids see you being silly and acting in love with each other, they are reassured of your relationship status. They know things are okay between you. Even if you have not had problems in the past, this display of affection is a confirmation that your relationship with your spouse is healthy, doing well and not ending any time soon. There are a lot of couples who get divorced these days, and your children may wonder if it will happen to their parents. No matter how many times you tell your kids you and your spouse are okay, it is in showing them that really gets the message across.

3. It teaches them about love

Love can be shown in many different ways. Bringing roses home for your wife, cooking your husbands favorite meal and staying up all night to sew your childs costume are all examples of love. Calling your husband a sappy name is also an example of love. It shows the sillier side of your relationship. It lets your kids know that love is not always about sacrifice and service but also about being silly and playful with each other. Teach your children there are many sides to love, not just the obvious ones.

4. It tells them you have a unique relationship

By assigning a unique name to your spouse, a unique relationship is created between the two of you. Nicknames are a special form of endearment. It means your relationship is closer than that of a friend. It is deeper, more meaningful. You call your children by their names, and you call your parents Mom and Dad, but you leave this unique name for your spouse only. It has special meaning to you, and by calling your husband or wife this name in front of your children, you teach them your relationship with your other half is special.

Who knew using sappy names with each other could be so meaningful to your kids? It helps bring some fun to the family while sending important messages about love and relationships to your children. Keep the terms of endearment coming!
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