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21 paper bags for the coolest lunches on the block
Brown bagging your lunch cant be beat when Spiderman is watching over your sandwich. - photo by Emily Cummings
Getting a little creative with the basic brown bags you pack up your lunches is easy with this list of 21 ideas.

These fun bags would be stellar for your kids, but I wont tell if you decide to pack up your very grownup lunch in a bag that may or may not look like Curious George.


Get your lunch in on the Hello Kitty craze by adding that cute face onto a white paper lunch sack. Draw on the classic cat with a couple of markers or print out the face and affix with some glue for a bag that's puurrrffeccctt.

Head games

A lunch bag that invites you to play with your food has got to be a winner. Pair your Mr. Potato Head lunch sack with an extra bushy paper mustache and false glasses so you can change up his look in between bites of celery.

A side of curiosity

Curious George makes a perfect lunch companion! Just print off this mischievous monkeys face and glue to a classic brown lunch bag; the paper blends perfect with his head of monkey hair for a curious addition to any lunch sack.

Ala American

Superheroes are a natural choice when it comes to protecting your lunch, and adding some Captain America to your afternoon couldn't be easier. Tape on his classic star/shield emblem, which basically guarantees your lunch is in safe hands.

Monkey madness

Though this monkey pattern is meant to be a puppet, you can still easily pack up your yogurt and granola in the bag. The monkey puppet will be upside down until you finish everything inside, letting you have a lunchroom puppet show once you are finished.

Spidey senses

Your Spidey senses will be tingling with this rad lunch bag design. This iconic spider pattern will brightens anyones day more than the cupcake packed for dessert.

Shark attack

Invite some summer fun in winter days, or count down until summer break with this cute design. As a plus, the tooth lined jaws of a fearsome shark will keep anyones hands off your juice box.

Thanks, mummy

Halloween or not, this mummy bag is too cute to pass up. A few layers of crepe paper and some drawn on eyes peeking out is all you need for this stellar design.


The lunch bag design for Big Hero 6 couldnt be easier. Snag a sharpie to make that iconic smile on a white paper sack, and you are good to go (even on mornings when you are running late).


Spread holiday cheer by packing up munchies in a darling bag Santa himself would adore. Stapled on antlers arent just cute on this reindeer design; they also keep your lunch from tumbling out on your morning commute.


Owls happen to make excellent lunch sacks if you didnt know. This decorated bag requires a little more effort because you will need to cut out circles for eyes, a beak, and some feathers, but the effect is truly marvelous.

Old School

Throw it back to the classic Super Mario Bros video games with this classic lunch bag design. A white polka-dotted and red mushroom top over two Sharpie eyes makes a Toad lunch bag that looks just like the real thing.

Simple Snowman

Glue a few buttons, a paper charcoal mouth and top hat, complete with a paper carrot nose, and you have a wintery addition to any sack lunch.

I choose you

This Pokeball design will please any Pokemon lover. Use a white paper lunch sack to get the job mostly done for you, and then just add a bottom red half and the iconic black lines and circle in the center.

Woodland creatures

Hedgehogs, raccoons and foxes make the cutest lunch bags your school room has ever seen. Pick out some patterned paper to make those furry tails and fuzzy ears more fun, but these bags are ones you will be sad to throw away.

Everything is awesome

A Lego man designed on a lunch sack really does mean everything is awesome. This is a bag you won't want to just toss away when you've finished up your bag of chips.

Turkey days

Thanksgiving or not, a little turkey complete with a fan of colored paper features will bring smiles to the school yard. A simple turkey face and tail of feathers is easy to do with a pair of scissors and some patterned paper.

Just for dad

Add in some professionalism to your lunch meeting with a paper bag that is as dressed up as you are. The paper folds just like a shirt collar and printed paper makes an ideal tie. See some examples here:

Under the sea

Googley eyes make a Spongebob Squarepants lunch bag absolutely eye-catching. A sharpie adds the other face details, and construction paper makes his shirt, tie, and brown pants a cinch. See the example here:

Free hand

For the artsy parents out there, this pin off of Pinterest gives you some inspiration if you are looking to free hand a clever design for your lunch bags.

Touchdown time

Any football fan would love toting around this football style lunch bag. Mimic the white laces with white paper and glue onto a brown paper bag, and youre done!

These bags sure are cute, but you could also pack lunches in blank bags and nestle some markers in next to the fruit snacks, if youd like your kids to do all the work. Either way, youll be the coolest parent around!
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