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19 habits of adorable elderly couples
Here's how to reach your #relationshipgoal to become a cute, older couple. - photo by Melinda Fox
Who hasn't seen older couples (or even the movie "Up!" for that matter) and yearned to have a relationship that gets sweeter with age?

Here are 19 things that cute, older couples do that you can begin to cultivate in your relationship, so that someday you can cuddle on a porch swing with your sweetheart.

1. They tell each other

Older couples don't wonder if the other loves them, they are confident in their relationship. This comes from years of assuring each other of their affection.

Make sure your partner knows how lucky you are to have them in your life.

2. They don't make excuses

Work, kids, or a busy schedule are not excuses for not spending time together. And being someone who doesn't like talking about her feelings is not an excuse for not communicating. Couples who grow old together look for solutions to problems rather than finding reasons not to solve them.

3. They go on dates

If you want your relationship to last, you need to keep building your relationship. Go on dates regularly. Sometimes try activities that your spouse wants to do, even if you don't like them initially, you may find that you actually do like them.

4. They try new things

Learning things together is a great way to keep your bond strong. Let your spouse teach you something that they care about, or learn how to do something that neither of you have done before.

5. They never grow old together

Keep each other young by embracing your younger side.

6. They make inevitable challenges fun

No matter what challenges life sends their way (like limited walking ability), older couples have learned to turn these set-backs into fun. Creativity is key.

7. They serve each other

Every day give them a massage, wash the dishes, or pay them a compliment. If you want to have a relationship that lasts into your older years, make serving your spouse a daily priority.

8. They keep traditions

Have daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly traditions such as playing Phase 10 every New Year's Eve or going to church together every Sunday.

9. They take care of each other

One of the great things about marriage is that you have a partner in everything. Every individual has unique needs. Couples who stay together find ways to meet those needs. Sometimes you need to get creative but in marriage, it's always worth it.

10. They call each other out

Old couples have learned to call each other out on their crap. You need to learn to communicate openly (but kindly) to help the other be the best version of themselves.

11. They say "sorry"

You make mistakes; your partner makes mistakes. It's okay. Admit when you're in the wrong and say you're sorry.

12. They focus on details

At the end of the day, it's the little things that will make a big difference.

13. They get physical

Elderly couples are so cute because they still hold hands even though the "honeymoon phase" is well in the past. Don't stop holding hands, kissing each other, and getting intimate.

14. They don't take things too seriously

While there are times to be serious, you also need to let loose and be a goofball.

15. They share

What's mine is yours, right? Being in a relationship is key to becoming unselfish. Share everything from your secrets to your ice cream cone.

16. They make small moments matter

It's easy to just plug through life and forget to make it mean something. Couples who stay together make the most of small moments like doing the dishes together or running errands.

17. They indulge each other

Sometimes you need to give in and let your partner have their way.

18. They match

Everything about you doesn't have to be the same. If you two were the same person, there'd be no point in being in a relationship. Even though your differences are important, find your commonalities and hold on to them.

19. They stick together in sickness and health

Life is going to be hard whether you're together or apart. Couples who last until their elder years are the couples who make a commitment to stay together even when life (or the relationship) is challenging.
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