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17 characteristics of the BEST husband ever
Does your husband have these 17 traits? - photo by Melinda Fox
In the grind of daily life, it's easy to take the people closest to you for granted. Your husband is a constant, day in and day out and for some reason, that can make it easy to undervalue him. Not every husband is excellent, but if your husband does these 17 things, you know you're lucky to have him in your life.

1. He loves being your husband

Of all his roles in life, one of his favorites is being married to you.

2. He's loyal

Even if he is tempted to compromise your relationship, your husband chooses to be faithful to you because he values that commitment.

3. He supports your dreams

Your husband believes you can accomplish your goals and is willing to make sacrifices to help you reach them.

4. He loves your laugh

Hearing you laugh fills your hubby with joy because he loves when you are happy. He does what he can to make sure you laugh every day.

5. He washes the dishes

Your husband contributes to housework because he recognizes that the two of you are a team.

6. He doesn't look at pornography

Your husband recognizes that pornography has the power to destroy your relationship so he doesn't want any part of it.

7. He watches your favorite movie

Even if he hates it, he's willing to compromise and do what you want (some of the time).

8. He puts you first

You come before the kids and before his job. His wife is his top priority.

9. He asks your opinion

Your thoughts matter to him, so he makes sure your voice is a contributing factor in his decisions.

10. He respects you

He values you as an individual and treats you accordingly.

11. He spends time with you

You are his favorite person to be around, so he wants to be around you as much as possible.

12. He takes you on dates

Even though you're married, your man doesn't let the romance disappear from your life.

13. He accepts your weaknesses

He recognizes that you're not perfect and is OK with that.

14. He says, "I'm sorry"

He also recognizes that he's not perfect and is willing to take responsibility for his mistakes.

15. He protects you

No matter what, he is there to care for you and make sure you are mentally, physically and emotionally safe.

16. He's your friend

Not only is he your husband, he is also your best friend.

17. He helps you be the BEST wife ever

You want to be your best self for him and he helps you achieve that.
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