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13 scientifically proven ways to make yourself more attractive
Everyone is beautiful in his or her unique way, but there are a few things that can make all of us a little more irresistible. Even science can back us up. - photo by Amberlee Lovell
Everyone is beautiful in his or her unique way, but there are a few things that can make all of us a little more irresistible. Even science can back us up.

1. Lean in when someone speaks

People love talking about themselves, so lean in when they speak to show you are listening. Good listeners are hard to find and irresistibly attractive.

2. Wear a unique perfume

Smell is the strongest sense to trigger memories. Obviously smelling great is important for attraction, but be careful you dont wear a really popular cologne or perfume. Youd hate to be triggering bitter memories of an ex girlfriend or boyfriend.

3. Surround yourself with people

For whatever reason, people are more attractive when they are in a group of people than when they are alone. So when looking for a date, bring others along with you.

4. Change your pitch

Theres a whole complicated science behind this, but in short: women like men with deeper voices because it represents a larger frame, and men prefer women with higher, breathier voices, because it suggests a smaller frame.

5. Smile

Smiling can compensate for a lot of unattractiveness according to this study. We also naturally interpret smiling to equal happiness, and people are drawn to happy people.

6. Own a puppy

Guys, puppies are adorable, and science has shown that dogs are the most attractive pet to women. A woman is more likely to be interested in a man who owns a dog. And 75 percent of women surveyed said they would not date someone who doesnt like pets according to a study by University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

7. Tell a joke if youre a man

Women especially are attracted to men that are funny. Slip a witty line to your friends while she passes by, and youll be just that much more appealing to her.

8. Laugh if youre a woman

Men also want women with a "good sense of humor," but a study reported that men dont necessarily want women to be funny a guy is attracted to a woman who laughs at his jokes.

9. Wear red

For women, this is strange but true. Men are more attracted to you when you wear red.

10. Talk about real things

Small talk wont get you anywhere. Find out what the other person really cares about and focus on that. Remember point one: People love talking about themselves.

11. Do something nice

You are significantly more attractive if someone sees or hears about something kind you have done according to this study.

12. Take the lead

If someone thinks you are powerful (or in charge), they are more likely to be attracted to you according to this study. The study discovered that those within a group were more attracted to a group leader than those who had no part of the group. So seize those opportunities to lead!

13. Choose your music wisely

Women are subconsciously drawn to more complicated music. Keep this in mind when choosing your date soundtrack.
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