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Three of the best 'foodie' movies
Johnny Depp and Juliett Binoche enjoy a chocolate in the movie "Chocolat." - photo by Studio photo

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TASTY TOWN — Are you still full from your Thanksgiving feast? You probably aren’t alone. We wait all year to stuff our faces with the traditional Thanksgiving food. From turkey to green beans to pumpkin pie, everything is delicious. In honor of all of the amazing food you’ll be dreaming of until next year, here are three great movies for the “foodie” in all of us.
"Julie & Julia"
Intertwining the lives of Julie Powell in 2002 and Julia Child in 1949, “Julie and Julia” is not just about fine French cuisine. While both women experiment with recipes in the kitchen, the story also explores what goes into making a great relationship.
There are definitely some similarities between Julie and Julia, but their marriages couldn’t be more different. It’s clear that Julie and Eric Powell love each other, but there are aspects of their relationship that will make most people cringe. On the other hand, Julia and Paul Child exemplify unconditional support and love. Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci are by far the best part of the entire movie and have one of the most inspiring relationships in any movie. You’ll laugh and cry as you fall in love with their story, and your mouth will water with each beautiful dish that appears.
“Julie & Julia” is 80 percent worth your time and OK for ages 12+.
When Vianne turns up in a small French village, she shares her gift of candymaking with everyone she meets. Vianne also has a gift of knowing exactly what treat is a person’s favorite. For some reason, though, this doesn’t work on the handsome and mysterious Roux.
Vianne is determined, however, and makes all sorts of delectable chocolates in order to woo the object of her affection. Her dedication pays off when she finally discovers Roux’s favorite sweet and her own feelings for the rugged ruffian.
Aside from the mouth-watering goodness in the movie, there is also a lesson to be learned. We never know how long love will last, so it’s important to appreciate the sweetness while we can.
“Chocolat” is 100 percent worth your time and OK for ages 12+.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
From the moment her child is born, moms make plans, and Maria Portokalos is the perfect example of that. She knew exactly what she wanted for her daughter, Toula, but unfortunately things don’t work out like she planned.
You have to give Maria credit, though. Her skill set is quite impressive. She can peel about a thousand potatoes in just a few short hours, and cook a meal that feeds an entire Greek family and three Americans. She may not be able to spell, but there is no woman more competent in the kitchen, than Maria Portokalos.
Despite their disagreements, it is clear that Maria and Toula share a special bond of love, and it’s evident in every ounce of her home-cooking.
“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is 93 percent worth your time and OK for ages 8+.

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