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Weak plot, action unravel new 'The Mummy'
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Even the neat stunts Tom Cruise and company pull off in "The Mummy," the movie doesn't work. - photo by Studio photo

"The Mummy" is not just another rehash of one of Universal’s most beloved monster franchises. Instead, it’s the hopeful first installment of the studio’s attempt at creating their Dark Universe franchise.

If this movie is any indication, Universal has a long way to go. A really long way.

Tom Cruise stars as Nick Morton, an explorer who stumbles upon the ruins of an ancient Egyptian tomb that contains the remains of a princess (Sofia Boutella) who was cursed thousands of years ago after killing her own family because her father had a new son who became next in line to his throne.

Cruise receives assistance from the likes of a special organization dedicated to studying and exterminating supernatural creatures. Annabelle Wallis plays his partner-in-crime and Jake Johnson is his best buddy, who succumbs to the mummy’s curse leaving him undead.

Russell Crowe costars as a doctor of sorts and the head of an organization that may be able to bring out his darker nature. I won’t reveal his character’s name, but if you’ve been online and found out any spoilers, you know who he is and how he ties into this universe.

For my money, it’s too dull to take seriously. Even when it is at a frenetic pace, it’s still as dull and lifeless as a mummy. At 54, Cruise is still great performing stunts and action, but not even that can save a script that is saddled with an inconsistent tone, shoddy CGI, and murky photography.

The one and only bright spot happens to be Crowe. His character is mildly amusing, even when hamming it up in a couple of scenes. And there is a moment when he and Cruise go toe to toe. It’s the most fun the movie gets out of its two-hour running time.

I’m sure there will be bigger bombs at the box office this summer, but for now, this clunker is currently the most disappointing.

I think this movie should’ve stayed buried until Universal was ready to unleash something better and more exciting.

Grade: C-

Rated PG-13 for violence, action and scary images, and for some suggestive content and partial nudity.

Hall is a syndicated columnist in South Georgia.

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