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The Great Snowball Battle: a snowball fight card game
It's the morning after a big snowstorm and school has been canceled. Kids in the neighborhood are coming outside to play, and everyone is dressed for a snowball fight. Will you be the last person standing? - photo by Ryan Morgenegg
The Great Snowball Battle, by Game Salute, is a simple, short and entertaining card game of throwing snowballs and running for cover.

Players begin with cards representing a character, three items of clothing, a special item, three snowball cards and a location to hide behind. Each character has a special power.

Clothing cards depict winter gear in the form of hats, coats, scarves and boots. When players are hit by snowballs, they lose an item of clothing. When the last article of clothing is lost, that player is out of the game and runs home to mommy.

Special items let players break the rules in a variety of ways such as by deflecting snowballs, doing more snowball damage or taking another turn.

Location cards show a hiding spot such as a tree, snow fort or hedge with an associated protection value. To hit a player behind a tree with a value of 12, a player would need to throw more than 12 snowball cards.

Snowball cards show a value from one to eight and, during each turn, a player may throw a snowball or clear out and draw a new location and item card. Snowball cards accumulate on a location, and each card played after the protection value is overcome results in a hit.

The snowball deck also has a variety of random events that can alter the game.

The last player standing wins the Great Snowball Battle.

This game does well at simulating a snowball fight for up to six players. However, players can be eliminated and have to wait until the game finishes, which may not be fun.
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