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Pathfinder Roleplaying game: Here be monsters
The mightiest monsters and foulest foes of nightmare and legend rampage into a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign with Bestiary 4. This collection of creatures shatters past thresholds of danger and destructiveness with powerful beings such as demon lords, kaiju, juggernauts, and Great Old Ones, including invincible Cthulhu. Terrors such as Nosferatu vampires, clockwork dragons, twisted fleshwarps and sadistic tooth fairies number among the more than 250 monsters collected to challenge heroes of every level of play - from first-level novices to mythic champions. - photo by Ryan Morgenegg
What would a fantasy roleplaying game be without monsters? From the classic Beowulf monster Grendel to evil dragon Smaug from the Hobbit, monsters are an important component for any fantasy story. Thats why there are four bestiary books for the Pathfinder roleplaying game, detailing hundreds of monsters.

In the Pathfinder game, monsters inhabit the pages of books called bestiaries. Within the pages are full color illustrations of each monster so game masters and players can know how many heads a hydra has, what a cyclops looks like or what kind of hair the legendary Medusa wears.

There are four bestiary books for Pathfinder, each with hundreds of monsters for use in the Pathfinder roleplaying game. Each monster listing details the strength of the creature, how many hit points it has, special attacks and abilities it possesses, rules about how friendly it is and where a player character might meet it everything a game master needs to make these creatures come to life in the game.

Another specialized book for the game involving monsters is the Monster Codex. This book has pages and pages of specialized monsters based on the basic monsters from fantasy literature. What are the statistics for a goblin vulture rider or what are the rules for incorporating a fire giant queen into your game? All these questions and more are answered in the book. There are new feats, equipment, magic and dinosaur riding lizard people.

The final part of incorporating monsters into the Pathfinder roleplaying game is using 3D tabletop miniatures. Nothing makes a game come to life like miniatures. Paizo Publishing offers Pathfinder Battles collectible miniatures based on the creatures found in the bestiary books and adventure modules. Each pack has a random assortment of one to four miniatures associated with game.

For the collector, it is exciting to open a collectible box of miniatures, not knowing what might be lurking inside. Some of the miniatures are collectible and go for extreme amounts of money in secondary markets on eBay. The quality of the miniatures is wonderful. Each one is fully painted and detailed to look like its counterpart in the bestiary book.

Be aware that the Pathfinder roleplaying game monster books have fantasy artwork that may be of concern to some people, especially younger children. Monsters depicted are similar to other fantasy monsters from fantasy literature and movies such as "The Hobbit" or "Lord of the Rings."
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