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'Hanna' is all action and no heart
Showtime with Sasha
Part of "Hanna" was filmed in an old theme park. - photo by Studio photo

The film I will review today asks audiences to adapt — or die. Titled, “Hanna,” it is an unusual action thriller in theaters now. The story follows a teenage girl who was raised in the wilds of Finland with her father.
Johanna knows nothing of technology. As a small-boned, bleach-browed 16-year-old, she’s an expert hunter and rockin’ ninja assassin. I’m not kidding. Her dad has trained her so well in hand-to-hand combat and in general survival that she can even wipe the floor with him!
He has never really told her why, but the two are in hiding from a ruthless, rogue CIA agent portrayed by Cate Blanchett. That is, until Hanna puts a master plan in action by turning herself in.
“Hanna” is a very cool movie. The action is edgy. The soundtrack, delivered entirely by The Chemical Brothers, becomes like another character on its own. Star, Saoirse (pronounced SHEER-she) Ronan, along with the villainous Blanchett, act their hearts out.
But when the rollercoaster ride is over, something is definitely missing.
You can have all the coolness in the world, but if the audience doesn’t feel emotionally invested, the film just isn’t hitting all the right notes. I’m sorry to say it, but I’m not a fan.

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