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Find a brighter future in 'Tomorrowland'
Disney's TOMORROWLAND Casey (Britt Robertson) Ph: Film Frame Disney 2015 - photo by Sarah Binghurst
THE FUTURE Theres been a lot of mystery surrounding Disneys newest live-action film, Tomorrowland, but all will be revealed when the movie hits theaters this weekend.

Whether youve been to Tomorrowland or not, theres something for everyone in Disneys original live-action movie inspired by the promise of the future.

You might be wondering what to expect, since all the trailers have been somewhat ambiguous. We dont want to give away any spoilers, but here is what thinks you should know about Tomorrowland before you go.

Its gorgeous

The very first thing that stands out about Tomorrowland is the beautiful and dramatic cinematography. There is just one beautiful shot right after another, and the camera seems to be having as much fun capturing the dynamic setting as the audience has watching it unfold.

Its not just wonderful to watch, though. "Tomorrowland is beautifully scored to enhance the movie without taking anything away from it or being distracting.

The aesthetic effect of this film is reason enough to see Tomorrowland this weekend.

Just roll with it

Disney is the master of family entertainment, and Tomorrowland really does cater to any age. The plot is engaging, without being complicated or confusing. The humor is witty without getting over the top or predictable, and the story uplifts with an optimistic view of the future.

Tomorrowland is one of those movies that you can sit back and simply enjoy. We all remember the feeling of awe we had for the future when we were children, and its that feeling Disney reminds everyone of in the film. So set aside your serious adult for two hours and let your inner child take the reins.


Parents should know that this movie includes a bit of mild language from the adult characters, as well as some violence throughout. There are a few action scenes that could be scary for younger viewers. Most of the violence is directed at robots and not humans. It is rated PG for sequences of sci-fi action violence and peril, thematic elements, and language.

Yay or nay

Tomorrowland is a refreshing taste of light and hope in a world that is so bogged down with the dystopian mindset. Instead of focusing on the possible disasters that await us, this movie offers a brighter look of the future and what is possible.

It may not be the best movie of the year or win all the awards, but this is a great movie to take the whole family to see. If you cant make it to Disneyland this weekend, this is definitely the next best thing.
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