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'Dead Man Down' is a gripping thriller
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"Dead Man Down" is about revenge and what it can do to the person seeking it, as well as the victim. - photo by Studio photo

What do you get when you re-team Niels Arden Oplev, the director of the original “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” with his star, Noomi Rapace, and add in a dash of Colin Farrell?
You get “Dead Man Down,” a crime-thriller that’s new to home video.
“Dead Man Down” is a unique revenge thriller. Victor (Farrell) is a muscle man for mobster Alphonse (Terrence Howard). His neighbor, Beatrice (Rapace), is a fiery French gal whose run-in with a drunk driver left her face as scarred as her psyche.
Beatrice’s crush on Victor leads her to uncover just what a violent thing it is he does for a living. She decides to blackmail him into helping her exact vengeance against the man responsible for her face and for her new nickname around the neighborhood — Monster.
The closer Beatrice gets to Victor, however, the more she uncovers his true identity.
He’s also out for revenge against Alphonse.
There were moments where this film reminded me of one of Luc Besson’s better movies, like “Leon: The Professional.” There definitely were dramatic flourishes here and there where the writing and direction were patient and worthwhile.
What’s great is the movie’s second half, when things really start to unravel and both characters must weigh whether the coldest revenge is better than living well or, in their case, staying alive.
I’m a fan!

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