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'Act of Valor' is full of drama
Showtime with Sasha
Real Navy SEALS were used in "Act of Valor" to increase its authenticity. - photo by Studio photo

This week, we’ll examine “Act of Valor,” a film that’s in theaters and stars real-life, active-duty U.S. Navy SEALS. Can you handle it?
When a female CIA operative is kidnapped, her disappearance is linked to a global threat. An elite band of brothers is sent in to retrieve her, and the soldiers uncover clues to a terrorist plot targeting U.S. soil.
Rated R and described as an unprecedented look at what it’s really like in today’s military, “Act of Valor” is the first real action film of the year.
There are three key aspects to the film. First, it’s a riveting, harrowing action-drama. Second, it’s filmed to put each audience member into the action. This is like a giant first-person shooter game, yet there’s nothing funny about it. The film feels authentic; you’re the one behind the grenade yelling, “Frag out!”
Lastly, the film is a tribute to all the men and women supporting the global war on terror. Politics aside, there always has been something poetic and heartbreaking about the bravery of the soldier. “Act of Valor” is a tribute to that spirit.
Some have criticized the acting in this picture, but I’m glad real SEALS were used. Actors never can talk quite the way actual soldiers do.
Don’t miss it. I’m a fan!

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