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10 actresses who should play Lara Croft
Its been announced that the popular video game character Lara Croft will get a reboot on the big screen. - photo by John Clyde
THE TOMB Its been announced that the popular video game character Lara Croft will get a reboot on the big screen.

Angelina Jolie played Croft in two films, but a new franchise is about to get underway, and even though Hollywood has refused to listen to them so far, Travis Poppleton and John Clyde are going to give their picks of who should be cast as Croft.

Here is a list of 10 actresses these guys think would be perfect for the part.

Travis picks:

Emily Browning

Travis: Even after going through Johns admittedly solid list, Browning is still my favorite of all our picks. She looks the part; shes proven she can do action; and she is continually exploring new and courageous limits as an actress. She might be a tough sell to executives who blame her for the financially disappointing Sucker Punch, but I think shes grown as a leading talent and is ready for another crack at superstardom.

John: Im not going to say I hate this pick, but Im not sold. Browning is a pretty solid actress, and usually Im not concerned about a look thing it makes me sound shallow but I guess Im going to sound shallow. I just dont see her playing the part.

Rosamund Pike

Travis: I admit Im submitting her recent accolades as an actress as evidence shes moved beyond Die Another Day. But most of us hardly even remember that movie, and if were forced to, we forgot it was Pike fighting Halle Berry at the end. Pike may have proven shes grown up as an actress, but I think shes also ready to prove herself a spin-kicking, gun-slinging spelunker.

John: I like this pick. Ive always liked Pike, and she caught my attention in Jack Reacher and then blew me away in Gone Girl. Hopefully her Croft wouldnt be as dark as her Amy Dunne, but she can pull off the physicality and be a convincing Tomb Raider.

Keira Knightley

Travis: OK, this one is a bit on the nose, but that doesnt mean she shouldnt be considered. Its like at the end of Lost where suddenly (spoilers ahead) Jack wasnt the guy because it would be too obvious to viewers. Yet, the entire story was about him becoming the guy, so suddenly pawning that role off to Hurley didnt make any sense at all all because we wanted to avoid the obvious. Well, shes obvious for a reason. Knightley would be great as Croft.

John: I dont have a lot to argue here. Shes British and considering she was an action star in King Arthur Id be OK with this pick. It also doesnt hurt shes a really good actress.

Gemma Arterton

Travis: Poor Arterton. Shes ended up in some truly terrible movies, and as a result, shes probably not on anyones radar for Croft. That said, I think audiences would be willing to forgive a Prince of Persia, and even a Hansel & Gretel if she could stick the landing with Croft. Will I be campaigning for this? Absolutely not. But theres more to Arterton than her resume suggests, and Tomb Raider may be exactly the material she needs to prove that point.

John: I like this pick. I actually had Arterton on my original list and then changed my mind. If were going for the look, then shes spot on, but more importantly she can do the action. To me pulling off the intense physicality for the role is much more important than a supposed look. This is pretty clear with my list, but despite Hansel & Gretel being a terrible movie it proved that Arterton could be Croft.

Margot Robbie

Travis: If I were a betting man, Robbie is being considered for Croft by at least a few studio higher-ups. The Wolf of Wall Street actress has recently signed on to play fan-favorite Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad," which means shell already be training for high-flying action. The transition could be a relatively quick one, and the roles are different enough that shed avoid any accusations of picking the same parts. Shes really kind of perfect for this.

John: Its true, Robbie is pretty perfect for this, but shes in everything lately. Give someone else a turn.

Johns picks:

Emily Blunt

John: This choice is just way too obvious to me. Blunt is British; shes a great actress and can offer some great comedic timing; and shes an action heroine already. Did anyone see Edge of Tomorrow? I have a feeling she can get herself out of any perilous situation and save about 10 other people in the process. While most of these picks are good from both lists, Ill be honest that Ill be a little bummed out if its not Blunt.

Travis: Yes, absolutely. Id love to see this. Blunt is ready to headline an action movie and would be a great successor and contrast to Jolies very fun portrayal of the video game heroine. I could point to examples like Edge of Tomorrow and Looper, as evidence of her ability, but you were already nodding when you saw her name.

Hayley Atwell

John: I am not a big Marvel fan, but with that said, I think Hayley Atwell is great as Agent Carter, and Id be more than happy to see her as Croft. Again, shes British, and she can obviously pull off the action. Shed have to get a little dirtier and messy to play Croft, but I have faith she can do it.

Travis: This is a tough one for me. I really love what Marvel is doing with Agent Carter, but Im often too distracted by Atwells portrayal to really get on board with the story. So, on the one hand, Id love to see her take an iconic role like Croft and own it, ultimately converting fence-sitters like me to Team Atwell. On the other hand, Id hate to be a fence-sitter with another great character because the performance just isnt there. I guess Im on the fence with this as well.

Natalie Dormer

John: This is kind of my wild-card pick. Dormer can obviously do the physicality considering her Game of Thrones character, but it was the latest Hunger Games film that really sold me. I admit Id never have even considered her, but something about that small roll in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 totally got me on board.

Travis: This is a nice nod to Game of Thrones fans, but when Ive seen Dormers efforts in other projects like Rush and Mockingjay, I wasnt left thinking shes ready to headline a summer tentpole. I could be wrong, and frankly Id love to be, but as it stands, this is probably my least favorite pick on the list.

Naomie Harris

John: So Naomie Harris hasnt really shown off her physicality and action star prowess yet, but I think shes about to. We got a very quick glimpse at it in Skyfall, but I think youre about to see it full force in the upcoming Spectre. Something about her confidence and the way she carries herself I think shed make a great Croft.

Travis: Id be interested to see what Harris could do with Croft. Her Tia Dalma from Pirates was a bit over the top, but her portrayal of Moneypenny in Skyfall proved she could slip into established roles and make them her own. Could be amazing.

Sharni Vinson

John: Many may not know Vinson, and if you do its probably because of her role in Step Up 3D, but theres a different movie that made me choose her. Vinson starred in the bizarre and twisting horror film Youre Next and for anyone whos seen it I think you totally understand why I think she plays the iconic video game heroine. She can do action, and she actually has some range as an actress.

Travis: At first, this pick just made me laugh, but from an action perspective I have to give this one to John. Vinson is an athlete who would sell the physical demands of Croft better than anyone on this list. There are better actresses on this list, sure, but as far as lending credibility to the quick, explosive attacks Croft will probably unleash on her enemies, Vinson could be the right woman for the job.

There you have it, 10 actresses that could play Croft. What do you think of John and Travis list? Have they made some good choices or is Hollywood wise to ignore them? Let us know.
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