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Sound off for Oct. 16

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I hope the Bryan commission realizes it’s a slippery slope when you let people rezone property to do things that weren’t originally allowed on the property.

It’s pretty much an unspoken rule that self-checkout lanes at the store are for people who just have a few things. If you’re buying $100 worth of groceries, go to a cashier.
I wish local groups and clubs would stagger their events. We like to go out and do things in the community, and sometimes there will be no weekend events scheduled for months. Then they’ll have five festivals or parties or events on a single Saturday, and we have to pick and choose. Space them out.

The stop lights on Highway 17 north right before you get to I-95 are so out of sync. They’re basically working against each other, and it causes a huge traffic jam every day on 17 right at the afternoon rush hour. Please sync them up better.

I’m glad Pembroke is getting a police precinct officer back at Miller Village. Yes, it’s been relatively quiet, but when the criminals think you’re not prepared, that’s when they’ll strike. Better safe than sorry.

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