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Sound off for Jan. 8

These opinions are not the News'. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 756-4021 to leave a message.

To the caller who asked about why Southerners need to drive big trucks even though we don’t get snow and ice: Mine is for towing my boat, RV and trailer. Also, it’s good for occasionally trekking through the mud. Can’t speak for others, though.

Congrats to the Armitage family on their new quadruplets. That was a heartwarming story to hear, and I wish them lots of luck.

If the Dawgs won’t be there, then let’s go, Ohio State! Just thank goodness it won’t be Alabama.

Learn to pull into a parking spot properly. If your car is crooked or over one of the lines, simply back out, straighten it up and pull in again. It’s not hard. Stop taking up two spaces.

I’ll be grateful when all the resolution-makers fall back into their old habits, so the traffic at my gym will die down and I can finally get a treadmill again.

I’m excited to hear about the upcoming ABBA tribute band show that the Rotary club is advertising. But I’m not in Rotary, so can I still go? (Editor’s note: Yes, tickets are available at, by calling 531-7867 or emailing

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