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Sound off for Jan. 15
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Advertisers, just so you know, giving away a free bottle of water when you make a meal purchase really isn’t that much of a savings. I can bring my own water, thanks.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ll be glad when football season is over. So much fanfare over a bunch of guys running into each other and getting hurt over a little ball. News flash: You can have a barbecue or a party for any reason at all. No sports necessary.

I voted in your web poll, and I’ll tell you now what I think, too. The legislature needs to tackle spending first and foremost. If you thought the national spending was bad, it’s so apparent that it has trickled down to the state levels, too. It must stop.

Dunham Marsh folks, get over it. Yes, you’re not in the new McAllister school zones. It’s OK. All Bryan County schools are top-notch. Your kids will get a good education as long as they’re in this district.

You people who walk into church after the homily has already begun, why bother? You’re disrupting everyone, and if you’re that late, just go to a different service.

I voted for Mr. Buddy Carter, and I was happy to see in your paper that he was sworn in, although I know he was working hard even before then. He’ll serve us well, I’m sure.

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