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Sound off for Feb. 26

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I see the state Senate and House have passed a bill that paves the way for funding the expansion of the Savannah River for the port. My question is why that’s a public project. I know the port authority’s public, but my question is why. They’re spending millions, maybe billions, to benefit the shippers.

The Georgia General Assembly ratified the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution 45 years ago last Friday. The 19th granted women the right to vote. The state action on Feb. 20, 1970, was only 50 years after the amendment had been adopted upon ratification by Tennessee in April 1920. Better late than never, I guess.

How is it that that show about the sniper has become the gold standard for patriotism? I saw it and it made it look like he got special treatment. What about the thousands of GIs that did all the grunt work in the Middle East? They are the ones to celebrate.

I had a great time at the fundraiser with the Abba tribute band. Brought back great memories. The Rotary does so much for the community, they need to take a bow.

Where is that new countertop plant in Richmond Hill and how can it possibly be hiring more people when it isn’t even open yet? Looks like a big grand-standing exercise by the politicians to me.

They shouldn’t be sending troops to Europe. They should be sending them back to the Middle East to take care of those Islamic extremists. They’re animals.

It got so cold here last week I had to dig a hole to read the temperature in my outside thermometer.

I know what Bryan County needs. It needs to establish its own identity, get out of the shadow of Savannah and come into the 21st century.

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