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Sound off for Dec. 11

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I pay my home taxes with our end of the year Christmas bonus.  This year, because of the change, we cannot have Christmas until the 30th.  My home insurance is also due in November. Somehow, taxes went from January to December to November.  Every other county gives homeowners until the end of the year, not Bryan county.  Thanks for my family not being able to spend Christmas with other family members.

I know it’s important to capture your child’s dance recital on film, but standing up in front of a bunch of parents who want to see their own kids so you can shoot your video is not a good idea. Be courteous.

Just because a restaurant passes its health inspection doesn’t mean you want to go there. I know a place that got a C. Yeah, they passed, but barely. I only eat at places that get a 95 percent or above.

Thanks, Pembroke and Richmond Hill, for having your parades on different weekends. I live in Richmond Hill and have family in Pembroke. We all really wanted to go to both parades, and I’m glad we’ll be able to. That was smart planning.

My kid’s school has 20 students out with the flu and some staffers. It’s ridiculous. It’s a vaccine-preventable illness, people. I don’t think sick time should be given to people with the flu because they easily could have avoided it.

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