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Life on the Hill: Scriptural definitions

1.Shachah: - Hb #7812 – “To bow, to kneel, pay tribute.” — Genesis 22:5 “To prostrate oneself before another.” — Genesis 18:2 (Abraham)

2. Yadah - Hb #3034 - “To throw, cast or profess” (we’re No. 1). — 2 Chronicles 20:19-20“To revere or worship with extended hands” (celebrating your champion).Leah: “This time I will praise the Lord” (Judah’s birth). — Genesis 29:35

3. Towdah - Hb #8426 - “To extend hands” (in submission/surrender or adoration). “He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the way.” — Psalm 50:23

4. Halal - Hb #1984 - “To, boast, shine, rave, celebrate, be clamorously foolish.” — Psalm 150:1Judges 16:24: The Philistines praised their god.1 Chronicles 16:24: “Declare his glory among the nations ...”Ezra 3:10: “When the foundation of temple was laid ... Levites praised the Lord.”

5. Ruwa - Hb #7321 - “To split the ears with sound, to shout.” “To blow an alarm, cry, to make a joyful noise.” “Clap your hands all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy!” — Psalm 47:1

6. Shabach - Hb #7623 - “A loud vocal expression” and “to commend, to glory, to praise, to triumph.” —Psalm 63:3: “Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.” Psalm 145:4: “One generation will commend your works to another, will tell of your mighty acts.”Psalm 147:12: “Extol the Lord, O Jerusalem; praise your God, O Zion.”

7. Barach - Hb # 1288 - “To bow or kneel” “To bless God as an act of adoration”“Come let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.” — Psalm 95:6

8. Zamar - Hb #2167 - “To strike with the fingers, to sing with instruments.” — Psalm 150 Psalm 27:6: “I will sing and make music to the Lord.”Psalm 149:3: “Let them make music to him with tambourine and harp.” Isaiah 12:5: “Sing to the Lord, for he has done glorious things.”

9. Tehillah - Hb #8416 - “To sing ‘halal,’ the highest form of praise.” — Psalm 22:3Psalm 33:1: “Sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous, it is fitting for the upright to praise him.”

Psalm 100:4: “Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise.”Psalm 22:3: The Lord “inhabits (dwells/pitches a tent) the praises” of his people.”

10. Latreuo - Gk - #3000 - “To minister to God, to serve, to worship.” — Acts 7:42, Acts 24:14, Philippians 3:3, Hebrews 10:2

11. Proskuneo - Gk - #4352 - “To kiss toward” (worship) and “To show affection for, to fawn, to reverence, to adore.”

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