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Life on Hill Q&A with Tara Jennings
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Tara Jennings, a friend and business associate of Audrey Singleton, answers this week's questions:

Q. What makes Singleton a good friend?

A. She’s dependable. She is very down to earth and so if you go to her with a problem she can put herself in your position and give you sound advice. Then she will follow up to see how it went or if there is anything else she can do for you. She’s what you look for in a good friend. Above everything is her dependability. If she says she is going to do something, she will do it.

Q. Do you think Audrey would do well if she were in an elected position?

A. I think she would. She has a lot of passion and in the 18 plus years I’ve known her, her intentions have been to make fair choices and to give everyone an equal voice in the discussion, no matter what their views were. So, yes, I think so.

Q. Why do you think she is good for the community?

A. The thing that Audrey brings to the table is that she’s been a Bryan County resident for a long time and she’s a parent and a business owner. She’s invested a lot of time in the community. She’s involved in her church and other community projects. Her heart is in this community and she cares about people. She is not interested in a quick fix for problems. She takes a good look at the issue and then works to resolve it. Her views are more concrete and life-changing.

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