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Life on Hill Q&A with New Life Church pastor
Ryan Ogden
Ryan Ogden is pastor of New Life Church, which is helping with Megan Myrick on the Love and Legacy Project - photo by Photo provided.

Ryan Ogden, pastor of New Life Church which is helping with Megan Myrick on the Love and Legacy Project, answers this week’s questions:

Q: When did you first learn about the Love and Legacy Project?

A: I believed I first learned of the Love and Legacy Project after the Pregnancy Care Center fundraiser. Megan shared her vision with us to help families struggling with hardships to have a memorable and meaningful keepsake. Sometimes when you’re surrounded by challenges you need that inspiration or extra nudge to keep going. Inspiration comes in a variety of forms and at times it can be found in the faces of the people you love.

Q: What made you want to get involved?

A: The first thing that made us want to get involved is that we believe in Megan. She is part of our church family and a personal friend to my own family. There are a lot of great intentions, but you must be able to believe in the person with the vision. Are they capable, and determined to make it succeed? We believe that Megan has those qualities. The second reason why we want to be involved is that it’s a great way to help families in need. Since we’ve moved to Richmond Hill in 2010 part of our mission at New Life Church has been to be an active and contributing member of our community.

Q: In what capacity does New Life Church help now and will continue to help the Love and Legacy non-profit as it establishes its 501(c)3 status?

A: New Life Church has committed to help support Love and Legacy financially. We are also for a limited time helping collect funding for this non-profit as it’s being established.

Q: What other local non-profits does the church support?

A: New Life has partnered with a variety of local and regional efforts. Locally we support the Pregnancy Care Center, Family Promise of Bryan County, People Helping People of Savannah (homeless feeding program), as well as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. These are a few of the organizations that we partner with.

Q: How do you think Love and Legacy Project will impact the community and those who the mission strives to help?

A: Once again families facing difficult challenges need something good and inspiring to move them forward. We think that Love and Legacy is one way to do that. I believe that our community is only as strong as the family units that make up that community. So, every time we help a family that’s struggling to move forward we are also helping our community move forward.

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