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Life on Hill Q&A with 'medical missionary' Tim Havens
Tim  Naomi Havens work together in hopes to inspire and educate others. Photo provided
Tim Havens, promoter of nutritional health, stands with his wife, Naomi Havens - photo by Photo provided.

Tim Havens promotes healthy through controlled nutrition as zealously as his wife, Naomi Havens, who says she beat cancer with her diet.

Q: Name and current job title?

A: Timothy Havens. I work in Atlanta for the Department of Health and Human Services in a contractor position with Merlin International Corp. as a vulnerability manager, which means that I scan about 1,000 computers for present vulnerabilities that someone could compromise and infiltrate the department’s computer network.

Q: What role do you play in Victory Haven Café and the efforts with Naomi to spread health and wellness information to the community?

A: My position is to support our family financially, which frees us up to provide facilities for training in our home and allows Naomi to present our nonprofit throughout the community by booths and speaking engagements. I also provide a deep dynamic that invites people to examine their own tools of perceived difficulties. What I mean with that statement is that everyone looks through their own rose-colored glasses to interpret life, and most of the time that view is tainted and blinding which keeps most of us running in circles. I invite people to burst out and become dangerous. Simply, to examine and ask questions.

Q: How have you personally seen transformation in your health in previous years from exploring alternative methods opposed to the standard medical route?

A: I had been working two and a half years as a contractor in Kuwait and began noticing muscle stiffness in my lower back and that stretching or exercising was not relieving the tension. The Kuwait doctor assured me that my L1 and L3 disc pads were showing deterioration and that it was part of the aging process and directed me to be gentle on my lower back. It was suddenly time to go back home. Once back at home, my back deteriorated into a problem of not being able to sleep for more than three hours at a time; only to get up, take aspirin and back to bed.

A chiropractor noted, while reviewing my back X-ray, that I had osteoporosis and that seemed plausible as we had just found out that coffee is a culprit in addition to our standard American diet – foods lacking minerals creates an acidic condition; foods full of minerals creates an alkaline condition. I love my strong Starbucks coffee and drinking it created the acidic environment within my body, and I read the book, "Conquering Any Disease," which teaches how to eat certain foods and make smoothies to reverse disease. I sternly followed the osteoporosis protocol, and within six months I was sleeping through the night. Then six months later stiffness was almost gone and now I have no issues with my back. A year and half later, the same chiropractor reviewed my second X-ray and clearly showed me that each affected vertebra had spread apart, which meant that my pads had regenerated. A feat totally impossible in the allopathic medical world.

I still follow this same protocol, which is doing what it promises it will do – reverse osteoporosis.

Q: What is the greatest message you hope to deliver to the community and region in regard to health transformations?

A: The message is multifaceted in which diet is only one slice, the spiritual and emotional needs to be included with the physical. Spiritual does not mean "religious" but reflects wholeness. A quick example: To live a productive life, we are taught to act and react accordingly in our environment and not discuss politics or religion. This practice invites "compartmentalization" and invites a shattering of understanding and life does not work. Compartmentalization reflects in our food choices, in our spiritual and also emotional worlds.

Words are important. Pharmacy comes from Greek word PHARMAKEIA which means "witchcraft and sorcery." Pharmacist means "poisoner" among other meanings, sure, but we do not know these things (

Who is the first responder: A police officer’s daily job is taken up by the investigation of crime (i.e. 85 percent to 95 percent) which only leaves 5 to 15 percent to "protect and serve." I was told this by and police officer and every officer asked since confirms this. So this begs the question: "Who is the first responder?" Every time the answer comes back – "you are." We should be the defender of our safety! This is also paramount to our health. Outside of an emergency the doctor is not our "first responder" We are our first responder to our health.

Q: What is the biggest stigma associated with this alternative to health and wellness?

A: Allopathic medicine is the biggest hurdle. Doctors are not taught otherwise. They are taught from medical schools that are funded by pharmaceutical companies that then in turn the doctors prescribe prescription drugs to their patients.

Many doctors are waking up and looking further. "The Truth About Cancer" ( and "GMOs Reveled" ( series are evidence of this.

Q: What would you consider a "medical missionary" and how do you see this role evolving in the future?

A: In the truest sense of the word, going out and screaming on the mountain top. Alerting people of their demise that does not need to be experienced. It’s so sad, Naomi and I can "feel" the suffering and the impending death as we walk into a room and look over the people gathered for an event. The message is only being whispered of proper nutrition and how to reverse disease. We have people dying that do not need to die. It is foolish for Naomi and I to keep quiet. Her cancer and my degenerative back disease were blessings and our "wake-up" call. We were asleep and content to remain that way but got tossed out of drug-induced fog.

Naomi and I wish to continue to educate and to get resources to people who get to this point, and without any end in sight, will not get it from their doctor. As for what we will evolve to that is a good question to discuss with Naomi.

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