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Life on Hill Q&A with Fish Tales customer
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This week, Butch and Sherri Broome's friend and attorney Michelle Henderson answers questions:

Q. Why are the Broome’s good for Richmond Hill?

A. They are just good people. They both work hard every day and have been very successful at building a business. They care about people and they care about and give back to their community. They are the kind of people you want for neighbors and we are lucky to have people of their caliber in Richmond Hill.

Q. Are they good business people?

A. Oh yes, absolutely. The marina is a gathering spot for everyone. It is a trememdous asset to the community and the Broome’s have used their business acumen to build it into what it is today. You can get a delicious meal in the restaurant and watch the boats go by. They’re diligent and do what they say they’ll do.

Q. They have said they want to give back to the community. Does not surprise you?

A. Not at all. I’ve gotten to know them quite well. I’ve spent a lot of time with them and they care about south Bryan County. They are an asset to the area and it doesn’t surprise me at all that they want to and are making a difference in this area.

Q. Do Butch and Sherri make a good business team?

A. Certainly. They work long hours together. It’s a team effort on their part. They have accomplished what they have because of the hard work they both put into their businesses.

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