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Life on Hill Q&A with coach of RHHS coach

Tony LeZotte, brother and assistant coach to Richmond Hill High School football coach Matt LeZotte, answers this week's questions:

Q. What makes Matt a good football coach?

A. Matt has the personality that a lot of people gravitate toward. He does a great job of relating to the kids. He’s able to get his point across and while doing that is able to associate with the kids. He can make them realize what is going on. He is the kind of coach who attracts the student athletes and they believe in what he does.

Q. How did your parents influence you and Matt growing up?

A. They instilled in both of us the qualities we have today. I remember how they taught us to be respectful. That was one thing that really resonated with us. You treat people how you want to be treated. While doing that, everything else will fall into place. They made us realize that nothing should be taken for granted.

Q. What have you learned from Matt?

A. He is very outgoing and that is something that hasn’t changed about Matt throughout the years. He and I played football together in high school for one year and then two years in college. He has always been willing to sacrifice to make sure that things get taken care of in the long term. I’ve learned a lot from Matt.

Q. Why is Matt good for Richmond Hill?

A. He fits in well with the community. He’s creating relationships out in the community. Matt and his family are a natural fit in the community. He’s a person that I know Richmond Hill will want representing them.

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