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Life on Hill interview on art projects for kids
The Taylor boys finish off a project for Dad at Lets Create
The Taylor boys made a keepsake for their dad during their visit to Lets Create. - photo by Photo by Evelyn Fallon

Questions and answers with Sarah Ouellette Taylor, a Richmond Hill third-grader teacher and motehr of three boys:

Q: What is your name and job title?
A: Sarah Taylor, third-grade teacher at McAllister Elementary. Mother of three boys, Colton, 7; Chase, 3; and Colby, 20 months.

Q: What made you want to try Let’s Create?
A: A student brought me a gift she made there.

Q: Was it age-appropriate for the kids?
A: Yes, 4.

Q: What activities did you all do?
A: We all made my husband a “DAD” collage for Father’s Day, and Chase made, at his request, a blue wildcat.

Q: What can you tell us about the facility and staff?
A: Great facility, plenty of room, and clean. The staff was very friendly and the owner, Marianne, took the time to work with Chase and made his requests come to life. She was patient and so sweet. She even had aprons for the kids to wear so they wouldn’t get too messy. All the tables were covered in butcher paper, and Colby had a ball drawing all over it. We just walked in, and they were ready with plenty of supplies and project ideas.

Q: To those in the community who have not yet been there, what can you tell us about giving it a try?
A: Give it a go! It is a great way to let your kids be creative and have fun without the mess at your house. And with three boys ranging in age, it is something they can all participate in, as they had a variety of age-appropriate projects and supplies.

Q: Do you feel Let’s Create is a great addition to our community?
A: Yes. I am so excited about the variety of opportunities they have coming up! The pre-K book-inspired camp and Indian camps are perfect for my boys. As for myself, I am looking forward to some mom’s night out craft fun. Oh, and birthday parties! I can’t wait to have a birthday party there.

Q: What was the overall experience like?
A: Very enjoyable, will be a repeat costumer.

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