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Letters to Santa: Bryan County Elementary
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Students across the county wrote down their Christmas wishes for Santa Claus. To make sure he knows what they want, the Bryan County News is going to help deliver their messages as quickly as possible. The following letters are from Bryan County Elementary  School students. (Letters are printed as written):

Dear saint nick,
I promise I will be good for a whole week, clean my room and do the dishes if I get a dog for christmas. I’ll be as good as I can be. And I will listen to what my mom tells me and do it. I’ll be the goodess person I can be. Because I really want a dog. And I really love dogs I will listen to my mom and teacher, and do what they say, but I will not listen to strangers. But only if I get a dog. But I’ll still listen anyway.
Sincerely, Ahmad
Dear Santa,
I would lik a X-Box for Christmas. The games I would like for it is: Madden 12, Star Wars the force unleashed 1&2 and, Spider-Man 1,2&3. I would be good. I would stop going to Mr. Shumans bootcamp. I would be a better student at school. I would stop being bad at home.
Sincerly, Grayson

Dear Santa Claus,
This is what I want for Christma, is a little (as big as my hand big) short hair pointer. It’s a type of puppy. It only grows about maybe five inches tall probablly. I will groom him, clean my bedroom, fold my own laundry, feed my familly dinner, help my brother more often, and be responsibility. But whatever I’ll do I want that little short hair pointer!!!
Sincerly, Joey

I will rake the yard once a week realy realy good and if I do good I want a Littel reall almish bulldog. Please I really want one please please please please please please and anyway I like to rake I would be realy glad if I got a almish Bulldog. Thak you santa very much.

Dear, Santa
If you get me a play station 2 for Christmas I will take out the trash, do dishes, and help my brother with anything he needs everyday. If you get me that I will do anything else that is not listed above that I think I should do. I would also share the stuff I have with my brother. I will also do anything that my mom thinks I should do around the house or with my brother. I will do anything grandpa Mark or Granny tells me to do. Please get me a Play Station 2 for Christmas.

Dear santa claws for christmas I want an Xbox 360, MW3, The shoes that have wheels on them, Zelda the game for wii. I will wash the dishes, Do the laundry, fold the clothes, Make dinner, take out the trash, clean my room, and Be good at school and at home.
Sincerely Noah

Dear Santa,
I really really want a ipad for Christmas. I will do anything to get it. I promise to try to be a better student in school, try to be more nice, play with my sister, don’t talk back, be thankfull and give. Please santa, get me a ipad. If that’s not the only thing you can get me, then I would lik a xbox 360 and a t.v. I will try to leave cookies, milk, and some fresh carrots for the reindeer. What kind of cookies do you like? How many kids and houses do you have take care of? Well anyway, I hope you have a merry Christmas!
Sincerely, Kate Butler
P.S. Be careful flieing. Say hi to the reindeer for me.

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Faith. If get me a Dip ‘n’ Dots maker for christmas I’ll vacume. Help my grandmother at her house. Plus do extra laundry.
Sincerly, Faith

Dear Santa,
I have a lot of things I want for christmas but, the thing I really want is a golf cart. I want one because they look cool and if I want to go somewhere close by. I will do a lot to get one. I will put dishes in the dishwasher without being told. I will also look over my papers before I turn them in. I will try to go outside and practice my snaps at home. I really want a golf cart so, I’ll try my best to do these things.
Sincerly, Will

Dear Santa Clause,
If I help my mom ones a week and clear the dishes and I will get my mom to give me more chores. I want a toy mocantrol car and some games for my dsi. I have two more I want for christmas it is a nicklas and a flat screen tv. I love chistmas it is very fun you get presents. I am going to get lots of presents. Santa Clauses real name is sant nick pretty much every body knows that. Alot of people love christmas but he brings me lots of presents last year he gave me a playstations games he bought me 10 games. I will see you next time.

Dear, Santa
I would like a cell phone for christmas. I’ll help my mom with the dishes. I’ll help my mom with the londrey. I’ll feed the chicken when told in return.
Sincerly, Hunter

Dear Santa,
This year I deserve stuff because I have helped people like in the store a kid droped his toy and I picked it up. And he said thank you. And more like helping my gradam cook thank’s giving, helping my teacher clean in the afternoon after class.
So if I deserve something this year I would like a bike , age 12, a dsi 3D, games for dsi 3D, mario land 3D, wipe out 2, Red swing boats, and that is the end.
Thanks, Sammy

Dear Santa,
My name is Heather. This year I have been vary good. So I hope you give me the things i wish for.
The thing that want is a DSi. I think should get one is becals I have been working hard in school. I have been doing my Homework every night. And I have been doing what I am supost to do in school. Allso I have been nice to my frends.
What I realy want for Chrsmass is a camra. Becals I have been doing what the teacher has been asking me to do. I have been doing my chors. I have been bringing up my gradse And I have been doing what my sister has asked me to do.
What I realy want for Chismass is a dog. Becals I have been vary good this year. I have been helping feed the goats. I have been playing with all the dogs. And I have been helping my frends workout thar ishous.
I hope you desid to get me all the things I have wished for. Becals I realy have been supper good. But that is up to you if you want to get me the thing I have wished for.
Love you frend Heather

Dear Santa
I have good grades in school and I have ben good and I help to. What i want for christmas is a solar system ball that light up and a wooden thomas with the wooden railway. all the thomas book. a new bike. a new toy box with toys. a new bed with sheets.
sincerely, Christian.

Dear Santa,
My name is Sarah and only think is please let me have my cousin Elizabeth and make her have a healthy body.
Santa there is just one Problem. I have school that day but thank you for all the toys that i have and for my family and friends. One thing i want for Christmas is a bike, wii games, and a xbox 360 if you don’t mind
Sincerely, Sarah

Dear Santa, This year, I have been good beacause I been good for 1 week in school. I helped my dad clean up in the Kitchen and fed my dogs (1 came to my house).
I only want these three things: disney’s univerce, Nitendo 3ds, Super mario 3d and Sky Landers (only for Xbox) and giving thank to my family.
Sincerely, Christopher

Dear Santa, I want this video game called Sky Landers. The reason is that I been good in and out of school. I’m trying best to get good grades. I’m also geting a lot of ebucks. Ebucks are fack money that Kides at my school spend on economic day. Hope you have a good christmas.
Sincerely, Aidan

Dear Santa,
My name is Cheyenne. I am 9 years old. My faroit thing to do is make crafts.
I would like to have a trampalen, Foreweeler, baby alive, Basket ball net, a purpel and pink desk, colerd notebook paper, crayon maker and a darie Queen maker.
I think I should get all of thoes thing becaus, I cleaned my room and my closet, I clean for my mom and dad, I washed the windows and the truck and I am good in school.
I think I would take really good car of evrything. That will be the best Cristmass ever.
Love, Cheyenne

Dear Santa,
This has been a wonderful year. My name is Cierra. I am 9 years old. I like to draw. Chrismas is my favorte hoilday.
I want a I-pod. The reason is because I made Oneral. I wouldn’t be board. So I can play it when someone is on the computer. Lap-top so I could not have to ask to get on my grandmother’s. I could learn how to type better.
I want a lot of stuff. But those are the main thing I want I hope you have a Merry Chrismas.
Sincerely, Cierra

Dear Santa,
This year I have behaved so good. I haven’t ben going to the offis as mutch, I haven’t ben kicked off the bus so far.
So if you coud, coud I have for Christmas Light Strike, Batlefeald 3, Gears of War 3, Sonick Genoratons, Golden eye reloding 007.
Sincerely, Kobie

Dear Santa,
This year I want a PlayStation3, Beat box, and a Iphone 3. The reason I want these things is because I have good grades and I have been listening to my mom and dad. This year has been fun. But I new I could not intill Christmas.
I like Christmas because its gods birthday. Thats the best hoilday of all. This is the day I would like to bless the food. I just hope god has a great birthday.
I love santa because you get to leave mild and cookies out. Also, you get to see him but he is very quiet. Santa is awsome.
Santa the reason I want these things is because I have mostly been listening to my mom and dad. I love you.
Sincerly Fletcher

Dear Santa,
I would like a Wii. A Ghost Busters game for the wii and a tornado game. I would also like a toy truck. Also I would like a remot control truck with opening doors and a roof with a sun roof. I also would like a big 4-wheeler.
I have done alot of stuff around the house. I have done the dishes. I have tooken out the trash. I also have cleaned the house.
Love, Dylan

Dear Santa,
My name is Patience. I am 9 years old and I have an older brother named Chance.
I think I deserve all the stuff I am asking for. You might think I am greedy but I am not. I have had all A’s and B’s this hold year. I have been a good girl. I have used my manners alot since last year.
I want a DQ ice cream maker, Georgia boots, tenna shoes, cloths, a jacket, a pearse from Clair’s, earings from Clair’s too, and for my hole family to have a good Christmas. I hope they have fun and a happy Christmas. I hope all of my old teachers get wat they want. Expacly Mrs. A Long and Mrs. Hernandez.
I love Christmas and I love you Santa and Mrs. Claws. Speaking of Mrs. Claws how is she doing. Tell her I said hi please. Tell her I love her. Tell all the rain deer I got a speacle surprise for them and I love them so much. Don’t forget the elf’s tell them I love them also.
I love yall. I hope you have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year! I love yall all so much.
Love, Patience

Dear Santa,
This year was a great year. I wounder if you can get me a I.pod touch. My mom said that “if you don’t have a chimmeny you will come through the window”. I love your raindeers Rudough, Dancer, Prancer, Dasher, Blixen, and I forgot 3 of them.
Sant I want a Rain Deer bell for Christmas. I want an real elf can you please get me those. I keep my room clean, do my chores, get all A’s on my report card. I’ll leave you cookies just can I get those things please.
Sant I can’t wait one more day. Can you get those things.
Love, Eriyanna

Dear Santa,
This year I have been a little good and a little bad. So dont exspect much, but the three thing I want are a dirt bike, four wheeler or a bike. I want at least two of these thangs. I think I deserve at least two of these thangs because I ask each year and plus I’ve been a little good. That’s what I deserve these things. I beleive.
your friend, Dale

Dear Santa,
My name is Taveon and I want for Christmas is a PSP, harry potter Lego seat, and a Bike. The reson why I deserve it is Because I Do my Choris, keep the Baby why she is gone, and use my manners. I serve you milke and cookies. And your elves are hard workers.
And I think I want WWC wrestling ring and fingers, and aBell-off Dancer. I wish that every one will sing Christmas carlos. You know I will make the Best Christmas cookies ever. And I will get some warm milk.

Dear Santa,
This year, I have been very good this year, and I can prove it! I have done the dishes, I’ve got good grades so far this year, and I’ve done what my parents told me to! Have I been good enough? I hope so. I’m really counting on you, Santa.
Christmas is my most favorite holiday. I like celebrating Jesus’s birthday. It’s also fun to get presents, but it’s not more important than Jesus’s Birthday. May I have less than ten of these items.
May I have a Nintendo 3-DS, a Dragon Ball 2, Kia PSP Game, a Razor E Spark Electric scooter, a Nerf Vortex gun, some 3-DS games, and a Air Hogs Hawk eye blue sky please. I count on you. I love Christmas. Merry Christmas Santa.
Sincerely, Miguel

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is one thing. My name is Nicholas I’m from Cleveland Ohio. The reason I want only one thing is I don’t like to take.
So all I want is Cleveland browns sneaker slippers. I want them to be in all Christmas day. I think I deserve them cause I cleaned the bathroom. I think its cool we have the same name. I’m sorry I was kind of bad.
So good luck on getting the slay packed and tell Blitsen and the other raindear I said hi.
Sincerly, Nicholas

Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year. I have helped my sisters put on sunscreen in the Summer. I gardened with my mom in the Spring. Raking leave in the Fall was a real chore. And, this winter, if all goes well, I will be shoveling lots of snow. Santa, will you give me a reward for doing all these chores?
For Christmas I would like a dog, preferrably a Samgoed. You will not need to supply a collor, because I will put a bandana on her instead. I already have a perfect bandana, so your elves won’t have to make one. If you are kind enough, you could bring me dog food, 2 dog bowls, and dog bed, and pay for her spaying, first one or two checkups, and first vaccinations, but you don’t have to. I would greatly appreciate it if you got me this.
Merry Christmas, Alex

Dear Santa,
I have been good this year. I watched my bro and sis while my mom did chores and I have had good grades in school this year. So for christmas I will want quit a few things.
The #1 thing I want this year is a 4-10 shotgun. I want one because it kicks a little bit and I don’t feel it and me and my dad go hunting sometimes so it will be cool to kill my first dear or turkey with. Oh and by the way I am 9 years old but the bad thing is I have today different shells like slugs which kick pretty hard and buckshots for dear and there is small game shots for animals like squirls and doves. Hmm that has me thinking how much do slugs, buck, and small game shells cost? Well I guess I will hopefully find out.
Peace Mitch

Dear, Santa
I have been good this year. I’ve helped my friends pick up leaves, and twigs. I’ve helped my dad get the water bottle boxes. I’ve helped my mom make cookies. These are the things I want this year, Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab, Legos, Disney universe the video game, air swimmers shark, and headbands. The cookies will be chocolate chip chunk.
Your friend, Coleson

Dear Santa,
This year I’ve sort of been in the middle. I’ve helping out with my families at home and church, but then i’ve been fighting with my brothers and arguing with my parents. There’s not really anything I want for Christmas except for everyone to remember what Christmas is really about, The Birth of JESUS
sincerely, Phillip

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