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Just a bit on the sentimental side
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In response to an invitation to express our opinion, I believe our city is suddenly growing too fast. 
I don’t think it would be a matter of complaining, or a stretch, if I said that for some of us sentimentalists, this may or may not be a good thing.
When we moved to Richmond Hill 10 years ago, I was impressed with the area’s enchantment and the soft, Southern dialect of some. We took time to discover the area. We found a few dirt roads here and there, which are rare scenes today. I had not driven on dirt roads for many years. That brought back my childhood days.
There were characteristics that defined a place of refuge from the clanging sounds of a big, noisy city. I thought I had found a place that few knew about.
Between then and now, that touch of enchantment appears to be fading here and in the surrounding area. I believe there is a price we must pay. We have to trade something for all these good things of growth and prosperity. There are some things we may lose forever, things that are an element of identity.
Everything is changing now; Richmond Hill has been discovered. Commerce is moving in, and our quaint city is getting in line with all the other prospering cities across the nation, having the attitude that we must make room for all businesses that desire to locate here. 
I, by no means, suggest we should stand still. Perhaps we should have some control over the fast-track growth. Will there ever be a point where we will say no to growth for now, that’s enough, let’s take a rest?
I believe these are the things that concern us sentimentalists.

Bond lives in Richmond Hill.

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