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Garden Club hold spring luncheon at Bubba's Bistro

Poodle skirts, June Cleaver look-alikes, rolled-up jeans and scarves tied around necks were in plentiful supply at the Richmond Hill Garden Club’s recent spring luncheon held at Bubba’s Bistro.
Designed to celebrate another year of successfully supporting gardening activities in the community, the luncheon featured a Fifties theme that had sent members scrambling to their closets and even their sewing machines to contrive costumes that authentically reflected the times.
Some of the costumes were so realistic that members didn’t initially recognize each other.
Decorations were straight from the Fifties also. Centerpieces were paper flowers arranged in drugstore-counter soda glasses on mirrors.
These looked realistic enough to eat, but the desert — coke floats in miniature coke glasses — definitely was the real thing.
To complete the Fifties theme, there was a wonderful trip down memory lane as Charlotte Scott recalled many people and events from the time.
The oohs and aahs around the room indicated members were recollecting not just those named, but also events and people from their own lives. A table featured garden club memorabilia from the club’s founding in 1955 to the present, and members enjoyed perusing the programs, newspaper articles, and photos.
Honored guests were Mrs. Frances Meeks, the founder of the garden club, and Charis Peterson, winner of this year’s garden club scholarship, and her mother, Cathy Peterson. To the delight of everyone present, Mrs. Meeks recalled early events in the club’s history, especially a few featuring some of today’s members in their earlier years.
As usual, members brought donations for Richmond Hill’s Way Station and Soup Kitchen and also for the Reed House, an organization in Savannah that supports the mentally ill.

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