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Robust recipe is easy weeknight dinner
Just a pinch
Chicken margherita with sun-dried tomato vinaigrette is full of flavor and makes for good healthy eating. - photo by Photo provided.

Jennifer Bass’s chicken margherita with sun-dried tomato vinaigrette is so full of flavor, your family will never know they’re eating healthy.

Easily adjust the flavors to suit your taste buds by using balsamic vinaigrette or even a light marinara sauce — delicious, easy and perfect for a weeknight. See step-by-step photos of Jennifer’s recipe plus thousands more from home cooks nationwide at

You’ll also find a meal planner, coupons and chances to win! Enjoy and remember, use “just a pinch.” — Janet

What You Need

8-ounce-package, sliced baby-portobello mushrooms

1 package frozen spinach, thawed and drained of any excess water

1 pint cherry tomatoes, halved

1 large roasted red pepper, sliced julienne

3 cloves roasted garlic, minced

1 large chicken breast, grilled and sliced

1 cup sun-dried tomato vinaigrette (or your favorite sauce)

Salt and pepper

1 box whole wheat penne pasta

2 ounces shredded mozzarella cheese

1 teaspoon dried basil


• In a large nonstick skillet over medium heat, saute’ mushrooms until they have reduced in size. Add salt and pepper to taste.

• Slice the cherry tomatoes in half and sprinkle a little salt over them.

• Once the mushrooms have reduced in size, add the spinach and cook for about four to five minutes.

• Cook pasta according to package. Reserve ½ cup of pasta water. Drain pasta.

• Add garlic and roasted red peppers to the mushroom/spinach mixture. Add the ½ cup of pasta water and reduce to medium-low heat.

• Once most of the water has evaporated, add the chicken and basil. Simmer for about seven minutes.

• Add vinaigrette and mozzarella cheese. Stir until the cheese has melted. Add the tomatoes and cover the skillet.

• Simmer for approximately five minutes. Serve warm over pasta.

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