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Flavored butter that can make a meal extra special
Belle's Honey Butter with Tarragon - photo by Brenda Stanley
My husband and I recently had a meal where everything was just about perfect.

We were fortunate to be in Phoenix for a week this winter and decided to try a restaurant at the resort where we were staying. The restaurant sits at the point of a mountain and has spectacular views of the city below.

Often, when you have a meal at a restaurant that is acclaimed for something other than the food, you end up disappointed, but that was just the opposite here. The food was amazing from start to finish, and the view simply became an added benefit.

Even the butter served with the bread had us talking for days. There were choices. One had lots of savory herbs, one used lots of oil and fresh spices, and the one we loved was a honey butter with tarragon. It is sweet with a touch of herb flavor.

When we returned home, I do what I usually do and tried to recreate it. This is definitely a new favorite in our house, because it reminds us of that spectacular night that had us looking at food from a different point of view.


Belles Honey Butter with Tarragon

cup honey

cup butter, softened

teaspoon tarragon

Mix all ingredients together with a whisk until fluffy.
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