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You should start each day with God
pastor corner

The greatest king of ancient Israel and the writer of Psalms said in chapter 5, "In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly."

What David is saying is that God can expect to hear from him at the beginning of the day before he has to face all of life’s challenges. David is going to present his requests and needs to his heavenly Father and is willing to wait patiently expecting God to hear and answer his prayers according to his timing and will.

In other words David is going to start his day with God.

If you started your day with God what could you say? First of all I think a lot of thanksgiving would be in order. You could thank him for yesterday’s blessings that helped you make it through that day. You could thank him for what you have versus what you don’t have; for the clean water to drink, the food you eat, the clothes you have and the house where you live.

If you are a believer, the most important thing to thank the Lord for is the gift of salvation and the promise of eternal life.

After your giving of thanks, you could ask the Lord for wisdom in all of the decisions you have to make for the day. You could ask him to help you to overcome temptations, which if yielded to could destroy success you hoped for.

If you have not yet experienced a new life brought about by a decision to follow Jesus Christ, then the first words of prayer out of your mouth ought to be, "Thank you for giving me this day so that I can receive your salvation attaining forgiveness, peace and eternal life. I do invite you in so that I can have a new life."

The good news is that the Lord will hear and answer that prayer immediately.

The big question is this, "Do you start your day out with God, if not are you willing to start?

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