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With Jesus, there's always room for all
pastor corner

Recently, I was at an outside basketball court where quite a few kids had gathered to shoot around. They decided to play a game using 10 players — five on one team against five on the other.

The problem was there were, like, 14 kids wanting to play. Each team had a captain who chose four other players for each team, which left four players unable to play the game. I watched how disappointed some of them were for being left out.

I quickly thought of another area of life where this would never happen, where no one who wants to be take part will be left out.

Anyone who desires to be a follower of Jesus Christ will always be allowed to follow. In Luke 14, there is a parable about workers inviting people to be part of God’s kingdom. Some refused his invitation, while others accepted. What’s interesting is a phrase found in verse 22: “… there is still room.”

The truth is, there will always be room for anyone who has not yet accepted the invitation to follow Jesus Christ, but wants to.

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