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Will you be shielded from the fire?
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The other day I was raking my yard and was burning the debris in my usual burn pile. My little granddaughter, who is about a year and a half old, went running towards the fire. I think she was just amazed at the colorful sight and never really got that close. As I watched I noticed her four year old brother coming out of nowhere, standing between her and the fire with his arms open telling her to stay back. For you that are freaking out about now, I was standing close enough to intervene if necessary.
 As I watched this all take place I was reminded of our commission from Christ in essence telling us that it is our responsibility to direct people away from the fire; spiritually speaking, the fire of hell. The Bible teaches us that if we reject the salvation offered to us by Jesus Christ then our judgment from God will be that we will end up in this place called hell; a place of eternal fire. It is believers calling to warn others of this horrible place and to instruct them what they need to do to avoid it. The good news is that anyone who desires to change and escape eternal damnation can get what they ask for.
We are coming close to the time where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This Jesus came to earth with the purpose of dying on a cross, sacrificing His life so that each of us can escape this judgment of fire. We get to make the choice of what we will do with this Jesus.
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