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Who is this Jesus?
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I have a habit of reading bumper stickers; some of which I like, some that I think are distasteful, and some which I just don’t get.

There is one that I see occasionally which I’m sure has good intent but is just theologically wrong. It says, "My boss is a Jewish carpenter." I presume it is talking about Jesus and I like the fact that it says He is in control of ones life but it is the Jewish carpenter part that bothers me.

The Jesus I read about in scripture was a Jewish carpenter while He was on earth but as far as I can read, He left that occupation behind long ago. He went on to give His life for the sins of all mankind on a cross, then was buried and then rose from the dead. This Jesus ascended to heaven to sit at the right hand of God the Father and is interceding for us.

He is waiting for the right time to come back to earth again to take believers with Him to enjoy eternal life.

I think a better bumper sticker would read something like, "My boss is my savior," or "My boss is my intercessor," or "My boss is God," or "My boss is a lover," or "My boss is a peacemaker," or "My boss is my future landlord."

Just remember Jesus does love us and He does care for us and desires to be with us for eternity.

Our sermon title for this next Sunday is from our "Today’s social issues" series entitled ‘Social issue #4 - Abortion.'

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