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What this homeless man did with his final 18 cents moved a church
A North Carolina church was surprised and "moved" when a homeless man donated his final 18 cents to the congregation. - photo by Herb Scribner
Leaders of a church in Charlotte, North Carolina, were emotionally moved by a donation they received this week from a homeless man who donated what could have been his final 18 cents to the congregation, according to WBTV, a local news station in North Carolina.

"We would like the dear soul who donated 18 cents to know that everyone on our team was moved by the spirit in which the gift was made," the Rev. Patrick S. Hamrick told WBTV. "We gratefully acknowledge that this individual, out of his poverty, has given all he had to live on."

Watch this video to see more on this story and read the note the homeless man sent with his donation.
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