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What is Mother's Day?
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Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I hope that doesn’t set off panic and a rush to the mall. But if so, you can thank me later. I learned earlier this week that this is the 100th anniversary of the first Mother’s Day Service. The day did not become a legal, national holiday until 1914, but the first official service was held on May 10, 1908.

What is Mother’s Day? What is the purpose? Is it just another "Hallmark Holiday" like Sweetest Day, whatever that might be? I don’t think so.

Mother’s Day is one day that we set apart as a time when we bestow honor on the women who have given us birth, given us love, and in many cases, given us their lives. I was greatly blessed to have a mother who loved Jesus, who loved my dad, and who loved my sister and me. I will probably never know all of the sacrifices she made for me. I know that we lost her all too soon, just over three years ago. She was only 67. I will forever cherish her memory.

But today I am not seeking simply to make you feel sentimental. I wish to remind you of the requirements of one of the Ten Commandments, "Honor your father and mother." As I study that verse, I recognize this fact. Not everyone had the same blessing of a mother that I did. Even so, the Bible says to give them honor. Keep this in mind, too. This commandment was not given to children, or even teenagers. It was given to grown men and women.

It is possible to give honor to someone even when you disagree with their actions. I am one who believes that the office of president of the United States deserves honor, even if you disagree with policies. And the office of mother deserves even more honor.

To honor someone is simply to recognize the position they hold. It is to give respect. It is to speak an encouraging word. The fact is that most of us have had positive experiences with our mothers. Even when they made mistakes, we saw that they had our best interest in mind. And we love them and appreciate them. And for those whose mothers were less than the ideal, you, too, can give honor and respect.

Please allow me to encourage you to give honor to your mother. If it’s possible, call or see her some time tomorrow. Cherish every moment that you have with her.

You will be blessed as you do.

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