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Try to be ready
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I just received news that my favorite uncle is close to passing away. He had cancer a few years ago that went into remission but recently it returned.  The good news is that he has trusted Christ for forgiveness and has assurance of where he will end up after death.
As I thought about this subject I realized that everyone does not have this assurance. There are many who have not made that decision to be a Christ follower. In a sense they are rolling the dice, they are playing Russian roulette concerning where they will spend eternity.
We as humanity make preparation for about everything. We prepare for careers through hands on experience or training. We prepare for retirement by investing or retirement plans. It is mind boggling to think that a person would plan for the short term but not plan for eternity and the afterlife.
The good news is that assurance of going to heaven is available to everyone; the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the uneducated and the educated, and the black and the white. We can come to this place of death and not be concerned of where we will end up. The big question is, are you ready?
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