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These old paths are worth following
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If you have ever hiked through a wooded area you understand, “following the path.”
If you get off the path there is a great possibility that you will get lost. Jeremiah the prophet spoke of the “old paths.”
He described them as, “Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein” (Jer. 6:16). The old path was called the good way; it was the way of God.
The attitude of many today it seems is like the people of Jeremiah’s day. Just as God had given direction to the children of Israel,
He has given direction to man today. Through His word man can know how to become a child of God and how to live a life dedicated to God. Sadly many fail to seek the old paths, choosing rather to clear a path which only leads to destruction.
In the Old Testament we find that God sent His prophets to warn them of their impending doom. “Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me” (Ezekiel 3:17); “Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, every one according to his ways, saith the Lord GOD. Repent, and turn yourselves from all your transgressions; so iniquity shall not be your ruin” (18:30).
Even with knowing how God had helped them in times past; delivering them from Egyptian bondage; helping them to conquer the land; and to defeat enemy after enemy, they still choose to tell God they would not walk in His ways.
In the New Testament the Law of Christ is made known to the world. Again God sent His servants forth to proclaim His word and to sound out warnings of doom if people do not follow God. The apostle Paul who wrote much of the New Testament told, “Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears” (Acts 20:31).
To the brethren at Corinth with whom he had spent much time, it was needful for him to point out to them error in which they were involved. He also wrote to the Galatians’ because of their turning from the truth, to be bound again by the Law of Moses. God wanted these people to be warned, just as those who lived in Jeremiah’s day.
The same Gospel that brought salvation to those in the first century is the same Gospel by which man must be saved today. Our plea to all men is to go back to the “Old Paths” so that they can be saved.
The “Old Path” teaches that salvation comes through the blood of Christ. The Hebrew writer recorded, “This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, saith the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them; And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more. Now where remission of these is, there is no more offering for sin. Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus, By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh;” (Heb. 10:16 – 20). Paul told the Galatians’ that they got into Christ by being baptized. “For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ” (Gal. 3:27). We need to be following the “Old Path.”

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