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The Lord is available when you need him
pastor corner

It recently happened to me again. I was trying to log in on some account on the computer and typed in the wrong password. And when I tried again, it still was wrong. After the third wrong attempt, I was locked out of my account for “security reasons.”

I managed to keep from throwing my computer across the room.  

I wonder how many passwords I have. I started to count, but then I got dizzy.  Then I got discouraged. And then I got frustrated. You know the feeling. I can’t even remember all of my usernames, much less the passwords. And the older I get, the more of them there are. What am I supposed to do?

There is one area where no password is necessary — when I talk to God. We call it prayer, and it is the most important communication we can have. God has invited you and me to speak to him at any time. We can come when we are joyful. We can come when we are downtrodden. No matter our circumstances, God has invited us to come to him with our hurts and needs, our joys and victories.

I am so grateful for that. I don’t have to log in and remember one character, two numbers, three capital letters and the color of my first pet or the name of my first car. Or was that the other way around? I forget.  

I simply call out his name, and he is there. God has promised never to leave me or forsake me. He has promised to hear when I cry out for his presence.  

I do not pray as often as I should. I do not pray as often as I wish I did. But even when I miss an appointment with him, I know that the Lord is listening when I call on his name. I never get a busy signal or sent to voice mail. The Lord is there, patiently waiting to hear from me. He’s there for you, too.

Don’t forget to speak to the Lord today. You need that time alone with him. Prayer is a powerful means of communicating with the all-powerful, all-loving Creator of all that exists.

The Lord is waiting to hear from you. So … what are you waiting for?

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