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That time of year to talk about love
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This weekend could be considered Valentine’s weekend with Valentine’s Day right around the corner.
If there is one word that describes anything to do with Valentine's Day, it would be love. People give cards that say, “I love you,” and they give flowers or gifts that show how much they love someone. We see pictures of Cupid shooting arrows at people, who if they are struck, will be able to experience love.
For some, that kind of love is superficial, an infatuation is short-lived based only upon emotion. But sometimes it is the real thing.
 The Bible is a book that talks a lot about this topic of love. Jesus said the two greatest commandments were to first love God with all ones heart, mind, soul and strength, and then to love one’s neighbor as themselves.
He said the evidence of being one of his true followers was that we love one another. The scripture teaches us that true love is not with word only but shows itself through action.
The Bible teaches us that the very essence of God is love and that because he loved the world, he sent his only Son into it to die for its sin.
We learn that Jesus Christ willingly gave up his life for us because of love.
The truth is that we learn to love because God brings that love into our lives when we invite him in. In other words, that love is lived out through our actions because of Christ’s presence within us.
If you have not experienced this love, the good news is that you can. Open up your life and ask him to come in, and you will find yourself being changed and transformed into a person who can truly love God and your fellow man.

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