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Taking on the odds
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For years I have heard the stories of family, friends and acquaintances tell of coming in contact with deer with their vehicles. I had been driving for 33 years and had never received that privilege. I really thought that I could go for the rest of my life without doing it. I started feeling pretty good about it to the point that I almost felt exempt. I do not know what the odds are of hitting at least one deer over a lifetime. It must be high at least in this area because I know so many who have. I actually have a friend who has collided her car with a deer, a horse, a cow and been struck by lightening twice; what are the odds? Nevertheless, I was taking on the odds with confidence.

Well, I want you to know that in this battle I lost, for in the last month I have hit 2 deer; one with my wife’s car and the other with my truck. Both times the deer came out of nowhere and there was no time to stop and avoid the collision. I guess if I was a betting man I could lose the shirt off my back.

The truth is, in life there is much more to lose than your shirt if you are in the practice of gambling. There is one thing where the loss is permanent and has eternal consequences if you take chances. I’m talking about being prepared to meet God. The scripture says that when we die we will all face the judgment of God and be judged on what we do with Christ Jesus. It says that if we decide to follow Christ we will live forever in a place called heaven but if we reject him we will end up in a devil’s hell. But yet so many people are willing to take on the odds. There is a big difference however with these odds because here the odds are 100 percent. If you don’t follow Christ when you die the odds of being eternally condemned are 100 percent and if you are a follower of Christ when you die the odds of being in heaven are 100 percent.

There is a simple solution; get right with God.

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