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Some good advice
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One of the things I remember my father always saying to me was "unloaded guns kill a lot of people." I used to argue with him telling him that it is impossible for an unloaded gun to kill anyone since it was unloaded. He would respond with, "you know what I mean," and I did. For what he was really saying is that guns, which were supposedly empty, killed people because when they presume it so they tend to be more careless about them. I recently was putting a gun back in the cabinet and thought I remembered unloading it but because of what my father always told me, I decided to check it and it just happened to be loaded. In essence my father could have prevented a bad accident by his good advice.

I’m sure if you would think about it there are many pieces of good advice others have told you. Some pieces of advice have kept us out of trouble and others have kept us out of a lot of embarrassment. Most pieces of advice only have temporary consequences even though sometimes they may be harsh. There is another piece of advice my father gave me which is a lot different from the rest and that is the advice to decide to serve the Lord. If I would fail to heed this advice there would be eternal consequences; I would miss out on this place called heaven and would rather experience eternal damnation.

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