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Reservations to the wrong place
pastor corner

The other day I was trying to make reservations for a place in south Florida to take the grandkids during spring break.

I looked up a number to the place I had decided on under their name on the web. Inadvertently, I had scrolled down to a place with the same name in a different city. After going over the details and hearing the price I was ready to make the reservation.

Thinking the price was much lower than expected, I double-checked to see if this was the right place I planned to be. To my surprise, I was about to make a reservation in the wrong place.

If I would have messed up here, it would have been disappointing. I may have had to cancel my plans or pay more, but it would not have been catastrophic or the end of the world.

Can you imagine thinking you have done what was necessary to make your reservation in heaven and getting to the end of life and realizing you made a mistake; that’s catastrophic. The Bible tells us that the only way to have a guaranteed assurance is by accepting Jesus Christ as one’s Savior.

The scripture also says in Proverbs 14:12 that "there is way that appears to be right but in the end it leads to death." All roads do not lead to heaven, which means there will be a lot of roads that lead to disappointment; instead of facing God’s mercy many will face God’s wrath.

The good news is that there is never a "no vacancy" sign when a person wants to make a reservation to follow Jesus Christ.

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