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Promise Keepers
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A few years ago Promise Keepers was a very active, very popular movement. It is not as strong as it was then, but that’s okay. In many ways God used it to make an impact upon the lives of many men. If there are newer and better ways to do that in the future, then He will raise them up, too.

I am grateful for the ministry of Promise Keepers.

I had the privilege of attending two PK events with men in my church, and I also attended two PK Pastor’s meetings. In all four of those events I had the privilege of learning more about worship and enjoying the fellowship of thousands of men whom I had never met before those days. Each of those meetings was a blessing in one way or another.

As I think of Promise Keepers, one phrase continually pops into my mind. "Men of Integrity." That was the one thing that was emphasized over and over and over. Men were encouraged to be, "Men of Integrity." What does that mean? The American Heritage Dictionary defines integrity as, "Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code." In other words, men of integrity do what is right. They are honest, straightforward, and can be trusted. And by the way, this is true of both men and women.

We desperately need men and women of integrity in our world today. We need doctors and lawyers, preachers and politicians, teachers and counselors, construction workers and plumbers, and every other profession in the world who are men and women of integrity. People who are honest and hard working. People who keep their word and do their jobs to the best of their abilities. There is a tremendous need for that kind of man and woman in our world today.

I wonder. Are you a person of integrity? Are you honest? Do you keep your word? Do you adhere to strict morals and ethics? Do your children trust you? Your boss? Your co-workers? How God desires that we be men and women of integrity, following in the footsteps of His Son, Jesus Christ.

May I challenge you to be a Promise Keeper? It is a high calling. It requires God’s help. But you can do it. Make that commitment today.You’ll be glad you did. And so will everyone who knows you!

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